With EZMember, our customers can easily create member areas for their clients. These member areas are mostly used for digital information products – such as recorded video courses and coachings.

The customer can manage his clients, unlock courses, modules and lessons or even start quizzes to motivate his clients to interacting with EZMember.

If the customer collects data of his membership contacts, these are stored in EZContacts as well.

You don’t need to be a technical genius or an expert: With EZMember you can create your exclusive members area in only 5 minutes! Fully individual and customizable! Simply save time for the things that really matter to you… Without any headache.

A high quality and simple members area is most important for customer satisfaction. If the members area is too complicated or too unprofessional, your customer will not feel comfortable with your product. With EZMember you can create high quality, professional but on the same time simply understandable members areas – even as a complete anti-technician!

  • Digitize and automate your content
  • Use EZMember to generate new leads or sell your coaching as a digital product
  • Create individual and exclusive member areas
  • Bind your customers to you and let your sales go through the roof
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Installed with just a few clicks
  • Very easy to implement for absolute anti-technicians
  • 24/7 premium support via e-mail, video or voice message

With EZMember you win new customers & motivate existing customers:
More customer loyalty = long-term trust = more sales! Within 5 minutes, digitize your content and deliver it exclusively to your target audience.

EZOptin is a tool to create converting and good-looking registration forms.
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EZCloud let’s you build up a file structure for all the data you are working with.
EZFunnels enables the customer to create sales funnels easily
With EZContacts you can manage and analyze all of your collected contacts
EZPlayer is our internal video player.
EZWebinar is used to create automated sales webinars.
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